Concatenate split files of type 001, 002

Today I leave you here a very simple way to concatenate files split, where normally the extension is 001, 002, 003, etc..

These files are very common in RapidShare or services of that kind.

My preferred way:  
cat ficheiros_divididos.avi.??? > Ficheiro_concatenado.avi

In this second way that I present have to be careful not to have divided other files in the directory where:  
cat *. [0-9] [0-9] [0-9]> ficheiro_concatenado.avi

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Turnkey Linux

The Turnkey Linux I was made known by the Xpete Alphamatrix. It is an open source project (open source) that provides virtual appliances in which each is optimized for its specific purpose.

It's a good way to test certain tools or even put into production service in a short time. They can download files in VMWare or ISO.

Here are some of the available:

Domain Controller Appliance - Drop-in replacement PDC

Zimbra Appliance - Email and Collaboration Suite

Ejabberd Appliance - XMPP and Web Chat

File Server Appliance - Simple Network Attached Storage

MySQL Appliance - Relational Database Management System

PostgreSQL Appliance - Object-relational Database System

Drupal 6 Appliance - Content Management Framework

Redmine Appliance - Integrated SCM & Project Management

ProjectPier Appliance - Easy Online Collaboration

more ...

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