The youtube-dl is a small command-line utility that can download videos from too easily.
In terms of archives, from the Debian Multimedia already incorporates the youtube-dl. If it does not, download it here:)

Installation via apt
aptitude install youtube-dl

Use simple
youtube-dl Endereço_do_video_do_youtube (thus the name of the downloaded file is random)

Use advanced (in need of credentials)
youtube-dl-u USER-p PASSWORD Endereço_do_video_do_youtube

Use advanced (once assigned a name to the file)
youtube-dl-o filename Endereço_do_video_do_youtube

youtube-dl - help

You leave here to take some videos to test this utility. These videos are a great concert, a great band, I was watching this month in the southwest, Faith No More:

"Evidence, all sung in Portuguese by Mike Patton"

"Just a Man - Spectacular, Mike Patton comes to the public"


"Mike Patton saying a stupidity in Portuguese language"
"Mike Patton calling King Kong a bearded"

"Joke, with better quality"
"Mike Patton to say "Muito Tomântico"

"Music of entry, reunited"

But if you want more, nothing like going to youtubas:) it is still well worth!



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  1. youtube-dl is the best utility for downloading youtube videos. Very flexible and customisable. The batch downloading feature is very useful.



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