Using the same mouse and keyboard in two or more computers

If you work with more than one computer on your desk, to be sure you felt the need for a utility to share the keyboard and mouse between them.
Synergy lets you easily fill this need. Its use is free because it is an Open Source application.
Exists for various platforms such as Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
In the next picture you can see an example of using this "small wonder".

In this article I will explain how to install and use this utility in Debian-based operating systems. In my case, I installed a computer with Linux Mint and the other with the Magic Box 16.
Summary of features:

 - Share your keyboard and mouse between multiple computers.
- Multiplatform - works with various types of operating system.
- Sharing the clipboard - can copy and paste between multiple computers.
- Free (open source).
Easy to switch between the different environments - just dragging the mouse.
apt-get install quicksynergy
Note: The Quicksynergy is the graphic component of Synergy, which advise otherwise, can only install the Synergy, but have the set up and use the command line.
Start Synergy:
If not in the menu, press Alt + F2 to open the program execution and write quicksynergy -> Run.
Exemplifying a small scene consisting of a desktop computer (PC) and laptop (notebook).
1. Begin on the two computers quicksynergy.
2. In the main computer (the one with the keyboard and mouse) only need to put the service to run the Execute button on the Share tab. In the following figure is displayed quicksynergy side of the main computer, where the words left, up, right and bottom define the session name to which the laptop will connect.

3. On the client computer, or on the laptop, the configuration is done in tab Use. After the specified IP address is simply to call the Execute button.

Este utilitário foi sugerido 
pelo nosso seguidor Adaíl Oliveira.


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