Corel Aftershot for Linux

Corel Aftershot (CA) is a tool equivalent to Adobe's Lightroom. Both are targeted at photographers (or those with mania, like me!: P) therefore allow editing photos very easily and quickly.

I chose just because CA has a native version for Linux that unlike Adobe Lightroom with your forgot this world!

This tool combines the best features of Lightroom and Apple Aperture and a very competitive price. At the time of this writing the price (promotional) was € 39.99. Look

It is available in trial version (trial) and there are Linux packages for RPM and DEB (32 and 64bit).

For more information and a full review, read this article 
this article. 

#sudo dpkg -i AfterShotPro_amd64.deb
#sudo rpm -i AfterShotPro_i386.deb

RPM (Centos, Redhat, Suse,...):
#sudo rpm -i AfterShotPro_i386.rpm


3 comentários:

  1. Darktable, is a good choice also.

  1. Darktable is a good choice also.

  1. Hi Carpalhoso.
    I know Darktable. I use it but it seems to slow working on it.

    Thanks any way, I will test it again one day :)




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