Tips for starting ...

When it is in principle all councils are few ... So here are some. of who has passed the "as passas do Algarve" to take this to function as it should be. Wait! It was not so bad!

The 5 basic advice:
1 - Download Kubunto:
latest version (
1 - Download CM:
latest version (
2 - Install, taking care to the entire installation wizard, especially during the creation of partitions.
3 - Connecting the system to the Internet, and apply the updates that you feel necessary Adept Installer (There is an icon appears in the lower right corner with updates missing).
4 - Start using Windows as if they were, and little by little, trying to resolve difficulties and problems that arise, one at a time.
5 - Do not quit. This is important because this stage will miss the beauty of Windows XP. But sure, later this nostalgia will disappear.

Note: In this post, I only download two distributions because they are the two I have been testing / evaluation / work. Obviously there is no time to test all: (the ones that exist. So here are also other well known and used: openSUSE [1], Alinex [2] Fedora [3], etc ...



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