Not Grep!

It gave me a way to list several times using the grep command to the contrary, this is to list the contents of a file that contains less lines given string. For it is only necessary the-v parameter as shown below: 
# cat file.txt | grep-v "exclude".

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Mikogo - a great alternative to TeamViewer!

Teamviewer know? Well, I present you, if you do not know, Mikogo, which I think is an excellent alternative.

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Bash Vs DOS Command Line

Let me present here a comparison between some commonly used commands and also in MS-DOS/Windows are also widely used in Bash / Linux.

DOS Command Line <=> Bash / Linux

dir <=> ls
dir | more <=> ls | more
dir fich*.* /e /s | find / -iname "fich*"
xcopy *.txt c:\teste <=> cp *.txt /teste/
ren *.txt *.doc <=> mv
type fich.txt <=> cat fich.txt
cd c:\teste <=> cd /teste
cd.. <=> cd ..
cd\ <=> cd /
ipconfig <=> ifconfig
ping <=> ping
edit fich.txt <=> vim fich.txt ou nano fich.txt
fdisk <=> fdisk
ver <=> uname -a

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VPN: Importing files with. PCF

If you want to import a file with. PCF to create a Cisco VPN compatible with (VPNC), need to install the network-manager-vpnc. This distro to Debian, or derivatives, such as the Magic Box that I myself am using.

This applies also in case they want to create a Cisco VPN connection from scratch.

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Caixa Mágica

Since I'm a fan of Debian, I could not test the new version of the Magic Box (CM16) based on this operating system (OS). There are about 2 months installed it on my desktop PC today and installed it on my laptop.
First impressions is that I have a full OS with office tool LibreOffice 3.3, EXT4 file system, Firefox 4.0, Shotwell Photo Manager, Banshee Music Player and automatic detection of proprietary drivers.
For instant messaging (IM) is built Empathy surprised me this new version the interface simple and friendly and the ability to connect to multiple IM systems. With Gwibber diffusion can add accounts like Twitter, Facebook and, providing a common tool to interact with these social networks.
The Magic Box Software Center is very well played as a tool for package management. It is organized by categories and still have a dynamic part of recommendations.

What can I say more?! Try it and you will see will like it.

For more information -

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Video Editing on Linux - See OpenShot Editor

Just recently I needed to edit videos and I'm a layman in this field had some difficulties.Among various tools I tried, the simplest and quickest way to learn was the OpenShot.
The installation of this tool for Debian distributions can be done through Synaptic it is in the repositories. If you prefer to install "a la pata" is as follows: sudo apt-get installOpenShot.
The features available are not many, but for many users (like me) arrives perfectly.

Cut pieces of the video;
Add tags in the video;
Multiple bands;
Import video, images and sounds;
Undo changes;
Export to various video formats;

How to put a video on a track:
(1) Click on the icon + (plus) and choose the video;
(2) Move the video imported onto the track at the outset;
(3) can add other video, pictures and even music files / sounds;

How to cut pieces of video:
(1) pick-and functionality divide and clicking with the mouse at the beginning and end of the piece to remove;
(2) Clicking the right mouse button over the video piece and remove;

Add a picture:
(1) Click on the icon + (plus) and choose the image;
(2) Move the image to the track where if you want to place;

Add effects and transitions:
(1) Just select the transition and move up the track to the site, where you want the transition;
(2) In effect, it is the same thing, but this is all in the band, or piece of track if it is divided;

Although you can export to many different formats, I will present the simplest and Iworked flawlessly.
(1) File -> Export Video -> Tab: Simple -> Profile: DVD -> Destination: DVD-NTSC ->Video Profile: DV-NTSC -> Quality: High -> Export.

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Linux - Screen Resolution in Portable 10 "

Today I had a problem installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 16 (CM16) with a portable screen 10 "because the operating system can not detect the resolution and that it should use. The image was so poor he could not even read the text presented.

To overcome the problem follow these steps:

     I called a TFT monitor to the laptop and carried out the installation as usual;
     Once installed the CM16, I had to make the resolution setting the screen, manually in xorg.conf file:
         vi / etc/X11/xorg.conf (if no, it is created);
          Paste the following information:

                  Section "Device"

                  Identifier "Video Device Configured"

                  Driver "OpenChrome"

                  option "PanelSize" "1024x600"

                  option "ForcePanel"



This problem happened to me on a laptop (type NetPC) brand Elonex Webbook. This solution resulted in CM16, but probably also work on Debian based distros (Ubuntu, etc).

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Problems with Dropbox?!

The subject today is again Dropbox. I've been just describing a problem I had with Debian 6.0 (squeeze) 64bit with this tool. The problem was that after the OS update,Dropbox longer boot!
To resolve, in my case resulted, can eliminate the Dropbox folder settings in your user,which should be / home /% user% /. dropbox.

rm-rf ~ /. .dropbox

After returning to run the Dropbox that will lead you to the setup wizard and here only have to look out at the stage where he can for you to choose the folder location"Dropbox. " If they choose the same location, is detected equal another folder, thenselect the option "Merge. "

They may know more about Dropbox here. or if they wish to install may do so by this hyperlink.

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Configure a network interface with ifconfig

May eventually need to configure a network interface in a very quick but not permanently.To do so can use the ifconfig command as follows:

ifconfig eth0 netmask

If you do not know what is the interface or if you want to check if the configuration iscorrect, they can simply run ifconfig.

After configuring the IP is to configure the gateway (gateway). In this case we will do isadd a route to route network packets to the gateway:

route add default gw

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