Linux - Screen Resolution in Portable 10 "

Today I had a problem installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 16 (CM16) with a portable screen 10 "because the operating system can not detect the resolution and that it should use. The image was so poor he could not even read the text presented.

To overcome the problem follow these steps:

     I called a TFT monitor to the laptop and carried out the installation as usual;
     Once installed the CM16, I had to make the resolution setting the screen, manually in xorg.conf file:
         vi / etc/X11/xorg.conf (if no, it is created);
          Paste the following information:

                  Section "Device"

                  Identifier "Video Device Configured"

                  Driver "OpenChrome"

                  option "PanelSize" "1024x600"

                  option "ForcePanel"



This problem happened to me on a laptop (type NetPC) brand Elonex Webbook. This solution resulted in CM16, but probably also work on Debian based distros (Ubuntu, etc).


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