Firefox: Search in the address bar

On some Linux distributions engine that comes by default may not be your favorite.
In my case I'm currently using Linux Mint comes DuckDuckGo! Therefore need to be questioned! that crappy search engine! Damn I do not know, but polls are by far the ones I would expect!

The worst is that I'm so attached to search through the address bar, I had to go to the fight! : P

They get to know that can change this default engine, putting in the address bar this: about: config -> confirm that it wants to move forward -> search for "keyword.URL" -> give 2 clicks -> put the text box " =" (without quotes). And thus stay with your favorite engine. In this example I used Google, but could be any other.

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Corel Aftershot for Linux

Corel Aftershot (CA) is a tool equivalent to Adobe's Lightroom. Both are targeted at photographers (or those with mania, like me!: P) therefore allow editing photos very easily and quickly.

I chose just because CA has a native version for Linux that unlike Adobe Lightroom with your forgot this world!

This tool combines the best features of Lightroom and Apple Aperture and a very competitive price. At the time of this writing the price (promotional) was € 39.99. Look

It is available in trial version (trial) and there are Linux packages for RPM and DEB (32 and 64bit).

For more information and a full review, read this article 
this article. 

#sudo dpkg -i AfterShotPro_amd64.deb
#sudo rpm -i AfterShotPro_i386.deb

RPM (Centos, Redhat, Suse,...):
#sudo rpm -i AfterShotPro_i386.rpm

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"XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!"

If you use XAMPP, can happen to you the problem of MySQL does not start. This usually happens when we copy the XAMPP folder between computers or even when repomos a copy of the folder entirely.

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LinuxMint: "Encountered a section with no Package: header"

I got the following error messages when trying to update my operating system Linux Mint 13 Maya:

"Reading package lists ... Error!
E: Encountered a section with no Package: header

E: Problem with MergeList / var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_universe_i18n_Translation-pt
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. "

Decided as follows by doing the following at the command prompt:
# sudo rm / var / lib / apt / lists / partial / *
# sudo apt-get-f install
# audo apt-get autoremove

Then I managed to use the tool seamlessly updates Linux Mint.

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Manual Installation of LibreOffice 3.6

As you know already available version 3.6 of LibreOffice as announced in pplware. You can read more information about new features in the article published by them, here.

However the installation presented by pplware may not work for everyone. Thus experientem as follows:

First remove previous versions:
# sudo apt-get remove libreoffice3.6*
# sudo apt-get remove lodev*

Download LibreOffice 3.6 through the link Choose your distribution and your language.
(do not forget to also download the translation of the interface)

Join a bash console and locate in the directory where you downloaded LibreOffice, usually within the Downloads folder the user area.
# tar xzvf LibO_3.6.0_Linux_x86-64_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz
# sudo apt-get install
# cd LibO_3.6.0.4_Linux_x86-64_install-deb_en-US/DEBS
# sudo dpkg -i *.deb
# cd desktop-integration
# sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Return to graze transfer and install the language packs for:
# tar xzvf LibO_3.6.0_Linux_x86-64_langpack-deb_pt.tar.gz
# cd LibO_3.6.0.4_Linux_x86-64_langpack-deb_pt/DEBS/
# sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Now just go to your menu Productivity and already there are the icons for LibreOffice.

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Problems with character encoding (UTF-8 vs ISO-8859-1)

Whenever I need to do something in HTML, PHP and / or MySQL, here comes the problem of character encoding!

In MySQL coding I use is utf8_general_ci and use HTML charset = UTF-8.

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Special device /dev/fd0 does not exist!

If you have problems mounting a floppy drive in linux, you may be receiving the following message
"/ dev / tty is not a block device"  
"special device / dev/fd0 does not exist"  
"mount: you must Specify the file system"

If the device / dev/fd0 does not exist probably your module was not loaded at startup. For the load can do it as follows:  

# modeprob floppy  
 and then mount the drive:  
# mount-t vfat /  dev/fd0 / mnt / floppy 
(do not forget to create the floppy directory)

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Using the same mouse and keyboard in two or more computers

If you work with more than one computer on your desk, to be sure you felt the need for a utility to share the keyboard and mouse between them.
Synergy lets you easily fill this need. Its use is free because it is an Open Source application.
Exists for various platforms such as Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
In the next picture you can see an example of using this "small wonder".

In this article I will explain how to install and use this utility in Debian-based operating systems. In my case, I installed a computer with Linux Mint and the other with the Magic Box 16.
Summary of features:

 - Share your keyboard and mouse between multiple computers.
- Multiplatform - works with various types of operating system.
- Sharing the clipboard - can copy and paste between multiple computers.
- Free (open source).
Easy to switch between the different environments - just dragging the mouse.
apt-get install quicksynergy
Note: The Quicksynergy is the graphic component of Synergy, which advise otherwise, can only install the Synergy, but have the set up and use the command line.
Start Synergy:
If not in the menu, press Alt + F2 to open the program execution and write quicksynergy -> Run.
Exemplifying a small scene consisting of a desktop computer (PC) and laptop (notebook).
1. Begin on the two computers quicksynergy.
2. In the main computer (the one with the keyboard and mouse) only need to put the service to run the Execute button on the Share tab. In the following figure is displayed quicksynergy side of the main computer, where the words left, up, right and bottom define the session name to which the laptop will connect.

3. On the client computer, or on the laptop, the configuration is done in tab Use. After the specified IP address is simply to call the Execute button.

Este utilitário foi sugerido 
pelo nosso seguidor Adaíl Oliveira.

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Loss of signal with a VGA connection, DVI or HDMI

Very briefly, this problem arises when you turn off the monitor cable and reconnecting, that with the computer and monitor running. In practice, when you reconnect the monitor cable from the graphic does not come back, showing a screen in text mode, forcing the user to restart the computer to overcome the problem.  
Possible solution: 
If there is no xorg.conf file, run the command X-configure. This command will create the home user who is sitting in a model of the xorg.conf file. Then move that file to the right place, which should be in / etc/X11/xorg.conf (may vary with the distro used). The final step lest the problem with signal loss is uncomment the xorg.conf file Section "Device" video card the following line
Option    "HotPlug"    "0"

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Configure network interface on FreeBSD

My contact with FreeBSD has been little, but today, I needed to configure a network interface with static IP address. The best I got was to do:  
  1. Run the command sysinstall 
  2. Go to configure -> Networking -> Interfaces 
  3. Select the interface (example le0). 
  4. Configure the network parameters: Name, Domain, IP Mask, Gateway and DNS.  
  5. Finally it is recorded and exits from the configuration tool.  
By now the setup should be working, if you still can not ping any host on the network and gives you the message "Permission denied" in all likelihood have the firewall active. You can stop the firewall with the command ipfw disable firewall.

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In times of crisis, Linux may be the choice!

According to this news digital diary (DD), the "Linux advances on Windows andUnix in the Enterprise '! Needless to say that I read this news with great satisfaction. As the crisis global installed, there are already many administrators who intend to migrate servers to free platforms, says the second study that formed the basis of news dd. I hope you do not remain the intention! In Portugal, despite the crisis hit, I think this market (open source) will not grow, because mostmanagement applications (billing, accounting, etc.) work on Microsoft platforms(client and server) and not simply its migration to Linux based systems. One day,perhaps, this paradigm shift, that is, the technology is all over the market! Have you thought about buying a computer solution for your company and only pay for the hardware, service and little more? Well no! And antivirus? You do not need!And antispyware? You do not need! And format the PC and need to insert a dateserial numbers that the client already lost? You do not need! And being forced tobuy the new new version of Windows and Office M. to keep up? You do not need!Of course, the Windows operating system also has its advantages, but when the discussion is cost containment, there is not much to say.

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Welcome Gnome3 or not!

Gnome3 started using when he left the CM17. Soon after its installation, the first impact was "uauuuu the Gnome3 is spectacular." After a few days, I started to miss some things in Gnome2, the list

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