Loss of signal with a VGA connection, DVI or HDMI

Very briefly, this problem arises when you turn off the monitor cable and reconnecting, that with the computer and monitor running. In practice, when you reconnect the monitor cable from the graphic does not come back, showing a screen in text mode, forcing the user to restart the computer to overcome the problem.  
Possible solution: 
If there is no xorg.conf file, run the command X-configure. This command will create the home user who is sitting in a model of the xorg.conf file. Then move that file to the right place, which should be in / etc/X11/xorg.conf (may vary with the distro used). The final step lest the problem with signal loss is uncomment the xorg.conf file Section "Device" video card the following line
Option    "HotPlug"    "0"


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