"error dependency: is not satisfiable libnautilus-extension1"

If they install Dropbox on Debian Lenny, will probably have the following error:
"Dependency error: is not satisfiable libnautilus-extension1.
This problem can be overcome to install a recompilation Dropbox available in the following hyper-links:



They may know more about Dropbox here.


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Gnome Nanny

Today the Internet is a dangerous place for children! Leave a child alone in navigating the Internet is as dangerous as leaving a child alone in a very busy road traffic!Agree?!

Gnome Nanny is a project that lets you adjust when, where and how children can browse. This does not mean it is a check on the kids, like to think it is more a protection.

When - lets you adjust where you can surf heights;Where - to set / filter web pages that can refer;How - to adjust the duration that can surf the Internet;

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Saving energy on Linux

If you have a PC or a server passing of the time with no activity on the disk, can save a little on the electricity bill if the halt. It's true that can make configuring power management on your desktop environments (KDE, Gnome, etc.) but what I present here is a simple and rapid method for manually configuring this mechanism, ie the operating system Bash.
The tool to use hdparm is used to but to suspend the operation of hard disks can also adjust parameters of cache, DMA, or even acoustic noise, among others.

- Installation: aptitude install hdparm  
- Suspend for 2 minutes: hdparm-S 24 /dev/ sda
- Check the condition of the disk: hdparm -C /dev/sda
- Configure the permanent suspension: vim /etc/hdparm.conf - And add at end of file the following code:  
/dev/sda {
spindown_time = 24  

- Then you just have to restart your PC, or the service - /etc/init.d/hdparm reload 

Note: the sda is the disk ID in Linux, in your case is hard to see that they have, they can do it as fdisk-l and then with the tool Partition Editor (GParted). If you have only one SATA disk to start is sda if hda is an IDE. If they are not much inside it, then I suggest you to search or ask here on the blog:)

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How to embed subtitles in Divx movies with Linux

It is unfortunate that the Playstation 3 does have the ability to read DivX with external subtitles, or captions to a text file. It's a clear choice from Sony, but fortunately there is no alternative.
I come therefore have a short tutorial that despite being targeted at Linux operating systems, it also serves for those using Windows or MAC. The tool I'm talking about is native to Windows, so to run on Linux, you must have Wine installed.

Requirements for Linux OS:
- Subtitles of the film format. Srt;
- Wine installed.

1 - Download AVIddXSubs.zip;
2 - Unzip the downloaded file;
3 - In the uncompressed folder, run the AVIAddXSubs.exe;
4 - Place the folder containing the movie in the box - c: \ pasta_do_filme (see figure). Or you may specify that they intend to embed the movie subtitles - c: \ pasta_do_filme \ filmecaseiro.avi | c: \ pasta_do_filme \ filmecaseiro.srt. The pipe symbol (| <- this one) makes the division between the way the movie and the file path of legends.

5 - This small tool consists of two tabs of settings. Then I leave you a picture of the tab "Settings 1" already with some modifications. It is up to each experiment to obtain the desired result.

6 - Probably the PS3 will have to select the subtitles when they start playing the movie, for these are inserted through the codec, and is not always visible.
7 - Finally, if you have questions whistle: P, I mean comment, I try to respond.

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Deluge - Download Manager torrents

The Deluge is, for me, the best utility for downloading torrents. It stands out from other equivalents to be quite simple and intuitive to use.

Some features: 
- Interface very easy to use; 
- Limit bandwidth transfer (sending and downloading); 
- Select the destination folder;
- Minimize to the "systray"; 
- Change the order of transfer;
- Network connection by proxy; 
- Plugins to increase functionality;
- Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Installation via command line in Debian: 
apt-get install deluge

Sítio web oficial

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Concatenate split files of type 001, 002

Today I leave you here a very simple way to concatenate files split, where normally the extension is 001, 002, 003, etc..

These files are very common in RapidShare or services of that kind.

My preferred way:  
cat ficheiros_divididos.avi.??? > Ficheiro_concatenado.avi

In this second way that I present have to be careful not to have divided other files in the directory where:  
cat *. [0-9] [0-9] [0-9]> ficheiro_concatenado.avi

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Turnkey Linux

The Turnkey Linux I was made known by the Xpete Alphamatrix. It is an open source project (open source) that provides virtual appliances in which each is optimized for its specific purpose.

It's a good way to test certain tools or even put into production service in a short time. They can download files in VMWare or ISO.

Here are some of the available:

Domain Controller Appliance - Drop-in replacement PDC

Zimbra Appliance - Email and Collaboration Suite

Ejabberd Appliance - XMPP and Web Chat

File Server Appliance - Simple Network Attached Storage

MySQL Appliance - Relational Database Management System

PostgreSQL Appliance - Object-relational Database System

Drupal 6 Appliance - Content Management Framework

Redmine Appliance - Integrated SCM & Project Management

ProjectPier Appliance - Easy Online Collaboration

more ...

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find files by user identifier (user id - uid)

If you have a file server to Linux, certainly have needed to find files of a particular user, or its UID or GID, or even by your username. Here is this article, some examples of how futilizar the find command for this and other effects more basic.

Find files by user identifier (UID)?
find. /-uid 502

For user name:
find. / user-joselito

For identifier then the group (GID):
find. /-gid 1000

Locate all files with extension. Doc:
find. /-iname "*. doc"
find. /-name "*. doc"

Find files that have changed in the last 24 hours:
find. /-name "*. doc"-mtime 0

Find files that have changed to 48:
find. /-name "*. doc"-mtime 1

Locate all files with permissions 777:
find. /-perm / 777

Find files that have changed to exactly 5 days:
find. /-mtime -7

Find files that have changed less than 5 days:
find. /-mtime 5

Find files that have changed to more than 5 days:
find. /-mtime +5

Note: The difference between the parameter name and iname is that the latter is case sensitive - distinguishes the case matching. The parameter. / Indicates that the search is performed from the directory where you are.

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Edit PDF files with Sun PDF Import Extension

Possibly ever needed to edit a PDF as a text document if it were! In Openoffice is an extension that makes this wonder possible - Sun PDF Import Extension.

1 - Download the extension sun-pdfimport.oxt.
2 - Run
3 - Reboot Openoffice
4 - Open a PDF file like a text document.

The import can be time consuming, depending on the type and size of PDF, but believe that the result is really amazing. The PDF that I imported kept proper training of the document. In order to keep the original formatting, the Sun PDF Import, insert all the phrases in the text boxes that can be edited after the event.

The Sun PDF Import Extension is independent of the operating system, but either way, the test results presented here were made in the version of OpenOffice 3.2, the operating system 5 64bit Debian.

source: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/pdfimport

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Configure Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG in Debian

This article serves to try to resolve some cases where they have problems in setting up wireless networks (RSF), with an Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG.
I think that whoever installed Debian in a more manual, ie the installation image Netinst, as was my case, you may have this problem. If you followed the article I published (see here) and have a FSR of this model, which surely must have had this problem.

Add the following repository to / etc / apt / sources.list, if you have not already:
deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian lenny main non-free

apt-get update
apt-get install firmware-iwlwifi

Restart the PC, and now you should see the card when RSF running ifconfig.
From here you just add the network through NetworkManager GUI application.

Some useful commands:
iwconfig - shows the interfaces of the active RSF.
ifconfig - Shows the configuration of network interfaces.
ifconfig wlan0 - Shows the interface configuration RSF wlan0.
ifconfig eth0 down - Disables the network interface eth0 wired

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Tucan manager

The Tucan is an application manager, very light, which has the ability to manage the transfer of hosts (hosters) as rapidshare, megaupload, gigasize, among others. The utilitarians also manages the waiting times that are normally charged to unregistered users.

Just copy and paste the addresses of the hosts links to Tucan, then "Verify" link and then add.

- Debian / Ubuntu / Kubuntu:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tucan

- Can also be efecuada via synaptic.


Official Website

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learn more about the hardware pc

lsusb - list USB devices.

lspci - lists the PCI interface.

lscpu - Returns information about the CPU (architecture, quantity, model, intel / amd / other).

lsof - shows all open files by the system.
lsof-u root - Returns only the files opened by root.

lsmod - Lists modules loaded by the operating system.

lsattr - Make a list of the directory where seencontra, showing all the attributes of the files it contains.

dmidecode - Displays information about the system's hardware type, manufacturer, serial number, BIOS version, among others.
dmidecode | grep BIOS
dmidecode | grep Serial
dmidecode | grep Manufacturer

biosdecode - Return all information related to the BIOS.

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Save MySQL

"In April 2009, Oracle announced that it had agreed to acquire Sun. Since Sun had acquired MySQL the previous year, this would mean that Oracle, the market leader for closed source databases, would get to own MySQL, the most popular open source database."

Dear visitors, we will safeguard the future of MySQL signing the following petition:

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