find files by user identifier (user id - uid)

If you have a file server to Linux, certainly have needed to find files of a particular user, or its UID or GID, or even by your username. Here is this article, some examples of how futilizar the find command for this and other effects more basic.

Find files by user identifier (UID)?
find. /-uid 502

For user name:
find. / user-joselito

For identifier then the group (GID):
find. /-gid 1000

Locate all files with extension. Doc:
find. /-iname "*. doc"
find. /-name "*. doc"

Find files that have changed in the last 24 hours:
find. /-name "*. doc"-mtime 0

Find files that have changed to 48:
find. /-name "*. doc"-mtime 1

Locate all files with permissions 777:
find. /-perm / 777

Find files that have changed to exactly 5 days:
find. /-mtime -7

Find files that have changed less than 5 days:
find. /-mtime 5

Find files that have changed to more than 5 days:
find. /-mtime +5

Note: The difference between the parameter name and iname is that the latter is case sensitive - distinguishes the case matching. The parameter. / Indicates that the search is performed from the directory where you are.


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