How to embed subtitles in Divx movies with Linux

It is unfortunate that the Playstation 3 does have the ability to read DivX with external subtitles, or captions to a text file. It's a clear choice from Sony, but fortunately there is no alternative.
I come therefore have a short tutorial that despite being targeted at Linux operating systems, it also serves for those using Windows or MAC. The tool I'm talking about is native to Windows, so to run on Linux, you must have Wine installed.

Requirements for Linux OS:
- Subtitles of the film format. Srt;
- Wine installed.

1 - Download;
2 - Unzip the downloaded file;
3 - In the uncompressed folder, run the AVIAddXSubs.exe;
4 - Place the folder containing the movie in the box - c: \ pasta_do_filme (see figure). Or you may specify that they intend to embed the movie subtitles - c: \ pasta_do_filme \ filmecaseiro.avi | c: \ pasta_do_filme \ The pipe symbol (| <- this one) makes the division between the way the movie and the file path of legends.

5 - This small tool consists of two tabs of settings. Then I leave you a picture of the tab "Settings 1" already with some modifications. It is up to each experiment to obtain the desired result.

6 - Probably the PS3 will have to select the subtitles when they start playing the movie, for these are inserted through the codec, and is not always visible.
7 - Finally, if you have questions whistle: P, I mean comment, I try to respond.

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Deluge - Download Manager torrents

The Deluge is, for me, the best utility for downloading torrents. It stands out from other equivalents to be quite simple and intuitive to use.

Some features: 
- Interface very easy to use; 
- Limit bandwidth transfer (sending and downloading); 
- Select the destination folder;
- Minimize to the "systray"; 
- Change the order of transfer;
- Network connection by proxy; 
- Plugins to increase functionality;
- Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Installation via command line in Debian: 
apt-get install deluge

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