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What about Google Chrome? Sure already heard!
To begin with, in my opinion has great control, which is not getting out (02-September-2008) also a Linux version for community testing! I do not like using Windows, it is difficult to assess a browser so promising as this. Yes, assess, because so read the product is still far from the final version!
Certainly, there will be a Linux version and a MAC, but not for now! Decided they (Google) launched a version for Windows only (XP and Vista) ... 's wrong "because we have well water in your mouth! So it will to install a "XPzito", only to experience this scene (pardon the term: P).

An effort to install Google Chrome on Linux ...
Can you tell me that even in Arm artist and I was trying to install this new browser on Linux, using the Wine emulator! I tried, tried ... copied the directory of an already installed Windows (: P) and nothing. Changed settings in Wine and nothing! Simply not run, nor was any message: (.
I then got a call, who can say to the community! Are not only with the knowledge for you! eheh!

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