Simply access a network share ...

Accessing Samba shares / Windows is so easy in Kubuntu and Windows! Disbelief?
Then try opening Konqueror (the default browser of Kubuntu) and at put \ ip_da_máquina or \\ nome_da_máquina. Thus, konqueror automatically converts the "\\" to "smb: //" making this task be more transparent to a user who is accustomed to Windows (Windows).
It is clear that over time, begins to use more often "smb: //" instead of "\ ", then, is the rating of the Linux root.
They can also create shortcuts on the desktop, pointing to network shares, and very similar to Windows XP:). Click the right mouse button on the desktop -> Create New -> Shortcut to Location (URL), and only!


For more advanced users can also mount a network share a point of your disk (ie a directory).
And so, here is the recipe:
1 - Create a directory. In my case, usually with a name-server network "in / media, with the entire path on / media / SERVER-NETWORK /. In turn, within-NETWORK SERVERS, create a directory for each share they intend to mount. Example: SERVIDORES-REDE/Servidor1.
2 - Run the command:
sudo smbmount //ip_servidor/pasta_partilhada/media/SERVIDORES-REDE/Servidor1-o username = jose
3 - Create a shortcut on the desktop to /media/server-network for a fast and direct access to network shares. Can even change the icon of this shortcut to identify the best! Well, if your environment is like mine, is full of shortcuts: P.

If they have the command smbmount can install it running: sudo apt-get install smbfs or by the package manager (eg Synaptic).


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