Gnome ISO Mounter (Gmount-iso)

Surely you already gave way mount an ISO image in a directory? If yes, this publication (post) topic is for you!
Can install the iso-utility Gmount, already available in the repositories K / Ubuntu. Just go to synaptic (who is, I install) or the Adept Installer and install ... If you do not remember how to install a package, read the publication:

As you can see in the following figure, the iso-Gmount is very simple to work:
Chooses to file (. ISO) and then choose the directory (mount point).
Possibly, they must first create the directory you want to mount image. Usually it is mounted on / media / whatever or / mnt / whatever, where "whatever" is the name they give to the directory that will have the contents of the ISO image.
This utility also allows you to show the ISO images already and are mounted and logically disassemble one.

It should be noted that the iso-Gmount is part of Gnome, but as I mentioned in previous publications, typically, the programs worked well in the Gnome Kde and vice versa. This is very good because we get a wider range of possible applications for our system: D.

Official website: https: //
EN version translated by Ricardo Simões: https: //


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