Wine-Doors: The graphics component of Wine

Some say that the Wine-Doors is a graphical component of Wine and some say that the Wine-Doors is a management tool for Windows packages. Basically, you can considererar the two settings.
The Wine-Doors offers a range of Windows applications can be installed so easy on Linux systems.
This tool even though it was developed for the Gnome platform, also works the same in KDE.

Some of the applications that Wine-Doors are available: Dreamweaver 8, Windows Media Player, CDex, Photoshop, Visual C + +, DCOM, Warcraft 3, Call of Dutty, Medal of Honor, Quake 4, among many others.

It should be noted that most of these applications need to leave. When you install Wine-Doors are to agree to a clause requiring the user to have a license of Windows.
Some applications such as Dreamweaver, are installed with a version with 30 days of experimentation, and the possibility of entering the serial number, and others, require the installation CD.

Some applications installed and tested successfully by the team Aventux:

* Dreamweaver 8
* CDex
* DCOM 98
* Various types of source


* Download Wine-Doors of the installation file for your distribution. In the same address should check the dependencies. It is clear that Wine is a mandatory dependency. Then just run the downloaded file for the package. DEB and. RPM.
* For more information on the official website ( or at:

* Versions available: Tar, DEB (Debian / Ubuntu) and RPM (Fedora).


* No Wine-Doors, you can filter the applications by: available, installed, and all queued to install.
* Update the list of packages.
* Kill the processes Wine.
* Restart the Wine.


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