K/Ubuntu: How to add sources/types of letter

I found a good post this topic because, I went several times to "anhar" when I needed to add a font to my OS of choice:), I even got to lose a good 10m to search on google ...
But ready, look no further! It is very easy ... Just open the Konqueror or Dolphin in the address bar and put fonts: /, easy huh! Then just drag it to the source.

When you enter fonts: / should occur two areas, one personal and one of the system. First, it serves only to add fonts to the user that is in session, the other affects all users, therefore, the latter of administration privileges are required when adding new sources.

This procedure also works in the Magic Box, at least in KDE version and should work in many other, but at least those I tried.

Since the issue is fonts, take and leave a few addresses for download:



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