Ultamatix: The successor to Automatix

How many of you have not shame that Automatix had suspended its activity? Many concert!

The Automatix is (was) a tool that automates the installation of additional applications such as codecs, libraries, fontets, controllers/rivers, among others. This tool of great usefulness to users of K/Ubuntu has been discontinued from version 8.04, due to lack of availability of Automatixa team to continue its development.

But ... in July this year (2008) came to the bottom in a light tunnel, the Ultamatix. This new tool can even be the successor to Automatix. and was released versions for K/Ubuntu, Ubuntu and Debian Unstable Ultimate.

Allows, to date, the installation of 101 applications, of which highlight a few:

* Media Players and Editors, Adobe Acrobat Reader; Additional fonts, MS fonts, and Red Hat Liberation fonts; Additional archiving tools (rar, unrar, ace, and 7zip, etc.). Skype, Google Earth, DVD Ripping software, and Codecs Plugins, Google Picasa, Wine & Wine doors; NON-FREE w32codecs and DVD codecs, OpenOffice Clipart, Game Alien Arena 2007; Amoebax Game, Game ATanks; NTFS Read / Write Support;

Can give the rest of the applications supported in http://ultamatix.com/.

In terms of installation is greatly simplified, and once installed, is available wide range of tools, applications and games! Yes, well read, Games!

So let us install it:
1 - Download the website: http://ultamatix.com/#download.
2 - Run the downloaded file (package. DEB).

The next step is to take advantage of all the applications provided by Ultamatix:).

Because not everything is roses, "the team Aventux, alert to the fact that some codecs may not be distributed freely in our country, it should inform themselves about the possible need to pay copyright.
But another is that the use of unofficial repositories can bring problems, because some may not be reliable.
Apart from these drawbacks, we continue to advise, so try and then come comment on your experience here.


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