The WINE is not an emulator!

Vai um copo?!

The Wine is an open source project that was born to give the possibility to run Windows applications on Linux operating systems. The Wine is more than an emulator, a time that you can understand that an emulator has to do with virtualization! From this, the Windows applications would be implemented in a virtualised, and therefore would be slower!
The Wine can carry to the field of Linux applications to Windows, which are executed as if the operating system for which they were manufactured. Surprised! Yeah, there is only a "very small" problem, in my angles course, is the stability of the programs running on Wine. At least I still can not run with 100% stability for example Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. Word is that the stability is better, now when you go to Excel, the thing has changed a little picture! And then when we think in Outlook, you forget! Forget, is so to speak, remember, search and try and find out if the guys say here:). We are here waiting:). In any case there is a good alternative to Microsoft Office, which is Open Office, which I use and is very good. And an alternative to Outlook, there is the Evolution and Kmail, and others ...

As part of this instability, it is noted that there are many applications that run with great stability. Typically, the more simple the program is more likely he is to run smoothly on Wine.

Applications tested by team Aventux:
Can you run some stability with the following applications:

* Packet Tracer 4.1
* EyeDefender
* Putty
* Microsoft Office 2003: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Picture Manager.
* ... (constantly updated)

We can not and never has been running successfully:

* Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007
* Google Chrome
* MSN Messenger (including the Live version)
* ... (constantly updated)

Installing the Wine?
Kubuntu 8.04 and Caixa Magica 12, and probably later versions, just go to Synaptic and find the Wine package, select and install.

Or, with the apt-get: sudo apt-get install wine

After the installation of Wine, should be available the following shortcuts in the group of programs Wine:

* Programs - Where are the shortcuts to Windows applications.
Browse * c: \ Drive - Explore the drive [c: \] - The Wine emulates the directory / home / USER / .wine / drive_c # as if they were disk [c: \].
* Wine Set - is an API which can, among other funcionalideades, add DLL's and configure the behavior of applications that work with Wine. As shown in the figure below, the application starts with Packet Tracer if in Windows XP.
Note: If an application does not run on Windows Xp so, should test the other modes, even if it seems a strange way for the application that is trying to use.
I happened, for example, have to put a recent application of the boot as if Windows 98, because in none of the other modes worked!

Wine Web Sites:
Adress official:
Handbook of Wine in Portuguese:
Good tips in a document for distribution Dizinha not stop reading:


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