Welcome Gnome3 or not!

Gnome3 started using when he left the CM17. Soon after its installation, the first impact was "uauuuu the Gnome3 is spectacular." After a few days, I started to miss some things in Gnome2, the list
of open programs on the taskbar, the list of the commands in the command execution manager (the ALT F2) that does not appear and to make matters worse you can not execute the command SMB: / / this manager (the ALT F2), the widgets that have been abolished, among other things! I searched the Internet and noticed that there are already many users turn to the desktop XFCE, since with some changes, is very close to the Gnome2! Still, I insist and keep the Gnome3 at least until I reach the limit of patience! In my opinion the Gnome project wanted, and well, a new experience to innovate in the workplace. Despite some shortcomings, I think the project is following the natural evolution and the future work environment will be a renewed, modern and user friendly. Apparently, Mr. Linus Torvald also walks with Gnome3 clueless! It seems that Google Dave Jones, Linus also complained about the new interface of Gnome. If you want to read here.


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