Video Editing on Linux - See OpenShot Editor

Just recently I needed to edit videos and I'm a layman in this field had some difficulties.Among various tools I tried, the simplest and quickest way to learn was the OpenShot.
The installation of this tool for Debian distributions can be done through Synaptic it is in the repositories. If you prefer to install "a la pata" is as follows: sudo apt-get installOpenShot.
The features available are not many, but for many users (like me) arrives perfectly.

Cut pieces of the video;
Add tags in the video;
Multiple bands;
Import video, images and sounds;
Undo changes;
Export to various video formats;

How to put a video on a track:
(1) Click on the icon + (plus) and choose the video;
(2) Move the video imported onto the track at the outset;
(3) can add other video, pictures and even music files / sounds;

How to cut pieces of video:
(1) pick-and functionality divide and clicking with the mouse at the beginning and end of the piece to remove;
(2) Clicking the right mouse button over the video piece and remove;

Add a picture:
(1) Click on the icon + (plus) and choose the image;
(2) Move the image to the track where if you want to place;

Add effects and transitions:
(1) Just select the transition and move up the track to the site, where you want the transition;
(2) In effect, it is the same thing, but this is all in the band, or piece of track if it is divided;

Although you can export to many different formats, I will present the simplest and Iworked flawlessly.
(1) File -> Export Video -> Tab: Simple -> Profile: DVD -> Destination: DVD-NTSC ->Video Profile: DV-NTSC -> Quality: High -> Export.


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