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Since I'm a fan of Debian, I could not test the new version of the Magic Box (CM16) based on this operating system (OS). There are about 2 months installed it on my desktop PC today and installed it on my laptop.
First impressions is that I have a full OS with office tool LibreOffice 3.3, EXT4 file system, Firefox 4.0, Shotwell Photo Manager, Banshee Music Player and automatic detection of proprietary drivers.
For instant messaging (IM) is built Empathy surprised me this new version the interface simple and friendly and the ability to connect to multiple IM systems. With Gwibber diffusion can add accounts like Twitter, Facebook and, providing a common tool to interact with these social networks.
The Magic Box Software Center is very well played as a tool for package management. It is organized by categories and still have a dynamic part of recommendations.

What can I say more?! Try it and you will see will like it.

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