The beginning of everything ...

Well, start by saying that I am not pro in linux! This is just to clarify, not come here to build me xico in with yet another smart blog about linux!
Yes come on my own experience. And my experience is only my experience, not even to be "some experience". Therefore assumes that the word "some" already includes plenty of fruit!

Started me more seriously in the discipline of Linux a Bachelor of Computer Science and Communications, which took in EStG (

Then reigned (in the middle where I was) the Fedora distribution and was by that I started. The classes were taught in Fedora and my final draft of course was in Fedora.

Now (August 2008),'m at the stage of Kubuntu! We have also walked the stage of Ubuntu! But KDE, by now convinced me:)

I live here then retract, or almost directly, with delays of several hours (which could be days: P), the adventure of an astronaut on a new planet - linux.

Yes, that is what they are thinking, migrate to linux and not use windows on both PC's at work (laptop and PC).
I have only one virtual machine with VMware on Windows XP that occasional use, moreover, is all in linux!

And this post was the start of this blog: D
Go now ...


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