Linux Remote Desktop

The connection screen on remote Linux or remote desktop, as this feature is known, can be carried out almost as simple as paid in operating systems: P (Windows).
The application that enables this function, which today is essential for management of servers, the company's NXServer Italian NoMachine.
Do not worry about the legality, since the NoMachine has been kind enough to provide a free edition (for Linux and Solaris) that enables simultaneous connection of 2 users. Is not good? :)
The NoMachine offers with this application, the possibility of a complete solution for remote desktop. Imagine having a room of class or training, with PC's "old." The refurbishment of this room would be very demanding in financial terms. Then, with a good server and the NXServer whole room can be remodeled, with departure at a cost much lower, since the PC's "old" it will connect by remote desktop to the server. And yet another advantage to have a centralized administration of the entire room.

There is also a free implementation with GPL in

1 - Download (There are versions for 32 and 64bit).
2 - Install the 3 packages downloaded the following order:
# Dpkg-i *. deb nxclient
# Dpkg-i *. deb nxnode
# Dpkg-i nxserver *. deb

The NXServer is installed as a daemon (service), then commands can use the type: / etc / init.d / nxserver (start | stop | restart).

Connect to remote machine:
Normally during the installation was created a group called "NX Client for Linux" on the Internet from your menu. Otherwise, the application can start with / usr / NX / bin / nxclient. Then it is super intuitive:)

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